speedo triathlon wetsuits

26 Oct

Symbolic of swimwear apparel, Speedo is often a global iconic brand celebrating over 80 years of dominance in creating cutting-edge technological designs and innovations. From the moment of their origin it has been redefining and revolutionizing triathlon wetsuits. Today, it’s got branched over to other everything from goggles, sportswear, men’s underwear, wrist watches, electronics and footwear. Speedo is owned by Pentland Brands


Speedo was formerly known as “Fortitude” when it was started by Alexander MacRae in 1914 australia wide. In 1928, when he launched the classic “Racerback” costume, it inspired staff member Captain Parsons, to coin the slogan ‘Speed on in your Speedos’ and also the name Speedo was created

Technology Redefined

From the time of their birth, Speedo Triathlon wetsuits has become making use of the latest technology available. Renowned being a trendsetter in fabric technology innovations, the corporation was the first one to launch the usage of nylon within the 195os and then the nylon/elastane collaboration in 1970s. Speedo’s most profound technological advances and innovations are reflected in the Fastskin, Fastskin FS II, Fastskin FS Pro as well as the LZR Racer suit


In the early 2000s, the planet witnessed the birth of the firstly Speedo’s legendary line of the Fastskin Wetsuit. This award-winning suit first claimed its dominance inside the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The planet stared on in amazement while they witnessed 13 with the 15 World Records came tumbling down and 83 % of medals were won from the swimmers.

Fastskin FS II

The Fastskin FS II was released in 2004 and according to author Frank Vizard, this suit reduces drag by as much as a stunning 4%. The Fastskin FS II continued its dominating legacy as Michael Phelps made history on this wetsuit with the 2004 Athens Olympics where he became the first person to lay claim they can an extraordinary 8 medals.

Fastskin FS Pro

The lineage from the Fastskin continued up with the making of the Fastskin FS Pro in 2007. It can be lighter, faster and powerful than its ancestors. Research indicates this suit provides 15% more compression and power leading to an impressive improvement in core stability and muscle oscillation. This wetsuit saw 21 World Records being broken within Six months of its release

All the Fastskin Wetsuits are made to replicate the feel of a shark. They are embedded with bumps and ridges in key areas which are designed to channel water within the swimmer’s body inside a more productive manner.


In 2008, Speedo launched LZR Racer Suit which is quoted from the ‘Popular Science’ magazine as the ‘fastest swimsuit inside world’. It can be technically probably the most advanced wetsuit available in the market today. It really is manufactured utilizing a high-technology swimwear fabric made up of woven elastane-nylon and polyurethane.

The Speedo website boasts, “A suit so quick, it absolutely was banned from competition”. Indeed this suit was banned by FINA last year, although not until swimmers wearing this suit had broken an unprecedented 46 World Records. Within a week of its launch, three World records were broken by swimmers wearing this wetsuit. On the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 92% of all the so-called medals were won by swimmers wearing the wetsuit.

Speedo, a brand steeped such tradition and history, are near the pole position of wetsuit manufacturers. Is it the producers of the best wetsuits on the planet? Well, the records speak by itself. Why don’t you find out on your own?